Compassion meditations

Kindness for your Younger Self exercise
This exercise is designed to help you to heal your younger inner child who is still struggling with past difficult times.
Younger self exercise.mp3
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Soothing rhythm breathing
This exercise is to help you to find your own soothing rhythm for breathing to help you to activate your own soothing system when you are distressed.
Soothing breathing rhythm.mp3
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Developing your compassionate self
Compassion is about sensitivity to suffering and we need to commit to take responsibility to relieve suffering by courageously engaging with it, and also not to cause harm (e.g. by being harshly critical to ourselves or others, or hurting ourselves). Responsibility is about genuinely wanting to act in ways that are helpful and based on our wisdom, strength and warmth. This exercise will help you to develop your compassionate self.
Developing the Compassionate Self.mp3
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Sitting with your perfect nurturer
Once you have developed your perfect nurturer, this exercise helps you to sit with them for a while and learn to connect to their compassion, wisdom and strength.
Sitting with your perfect nurturer.mp3
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Getting help from your perfect nurturer
Reach to your perfect nurturer to help you to develop the compassionate aspect of yourself that you can direct towards other people but find it difficult to direct towards yourself.
Getting help from your perfect nurturer.
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Focusing on self-compassion towards yourself
This is the most advanced self-compassion exercise in which you can practice offering yourself self-compassion for a specific dilemma or difficulty in your life.
Focussing on self-compasson towards your
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Kind energy meditation
This is a general self-compassion exercise in which you can experience kind energy flowing into yourself.
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